Dee SHREE Creations

Necklace 4a Blue Rope .JPG

Modern Kundan Necklace

HKD 579.00 

Twisted Turquoise And Pearl Necklace

HKD 585.00

Kundan Pearl Necklace

HKD 526.00

Ruby Onyx Kundan Necklace 

HKD 617.00

Kundan Pendant Necklace

HKD 258.00


A collection of passionate beading which started off as a hobby in 2016, soon culminated into a jewelry shop. Working on beads is like a therapy for me, unfolding the true creative me/ "Dee". Dee is what my friends call me and
I added the "SHREE" which means Ganesha, the Hindu God who helps with new beginnings. Dee SHREE Creations was born! 


As I weave, knot and design, I feel there is so much to learn and explore. I try to customize my designs to suit various needs and occasions. With Dee SHREE Creations I hope to show you how to make simple and easy D.I.Y jewelry. Surprise your closest girl friends by buying them friendship jewelry or book a class together to spend some quality time making jewelry with your friends in a productive and memorable way.

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